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Below is a list of questions we get most from clients.

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Post-Installation & Maintenance

For questions regarding your solar project after your project is complete, please contact your project coordinator directly or the Green Lion Eco Group main office for assistance. You can call the main office number at 647-494-8017 or call Toll-free: 1-800-848-0934.


Monitoring for your system is taken care of by our Quality Assurance department. They will have a monitoring system setup in your name to track the production of each panel in your system. The monitoring system is a feature of the SolarEdge inverters. It is a web application accessible through multiple devices, including mobile, tablet, and PC/Mac. Our Quality Assurance department will provide you with the necessary login information so you can also monitor your system. They will also contact you if anything goes wrong, and will send someone to come by and correct any inefficiencies with your system covered by the workmanship warranty.

There are multiple warranties extended for the equipment we install for your system. There is a 3-year workmanship warranty offered by Green Lion Eco Group. Under this warranty, for any mechanical or electrical installation malfunctions, we will take the measure to have it repaired and corrected within those first 3 years.

Once the 3-year workmanship warranty has expired you can rely on manufacturing warranties for your solar panels (25-year; 10 years for panels, 25 years production guarantee), inverter (20-year), and aluminum racking (20-year) to ensure your system is protected. The solar panel warranty covers the cost of replacement panels as well as offering a production guarantee, and the inverter manufacturing warranty covers labour and shipping costs.

Following the system commissioning and contracting phases,  your utility company (LDC) will start paying you for the energy produced by your system., This will usually occur on the LDCs’ regular billing cycle.