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We contract vetted and experienced installers based in the GTA to install and connect all of our solar projects. Provided the weather isn’t too extreme (i.e. heavy wind, snow, rain, or ice), creating hazardous driving and working conditions, our installers will be able to work on your roof.

Category: Installation

Installation for your project is completed in two steps:

1) Mechanical Installation

2) Electrical Installation

Please review the below chart for the details involved in each step of your project’s installation:


Mechanical InstallationElectrical Installation
Timeline2-3 days1 day (8am – 3pm)
Should I be home?Not required to be home.Required to be home; we will need access to your breaker panel.
What Happens?
  • The equipment will be delivered.
  • The layout will be drawn out on your roof.
  • The installers will mount the racking (which the panels rest on).
  • A wire management system will be implemented.
  • The solar panels will be mounted.
  • The critter guard is secured.
  • The Local Distribution Company (LDC) will disconnect your power in the morning.
  • The electrician will complete the electrical work while power is off.
  • The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) will approve the work once completed.
  • After your electrical installation is approved, your power will be restored.


After your electrical installation is complete, your solar meter will be installed by your LDC, usually within 5 business days of your ESA inspection (depending on the LDC)
The LDC will not schedule the solar meter installation with Green Lion Eco Group. Rather, when a representative from the company is able to visit a project site, they will install the solar meter. As such, Green Lion Eco Group has no way of knowing when this stage will be completed. As the homeowner, we ask that you please provide photo evidence of your solar meter as soon as you see it has been installed. Subsequently, we will send an electrician within 3 days to commission (‘turn on’) your system.

Category: Installation

There are three main criteria to reach before your project can be placed on our installation list:

  1. microFIT status reaches Pending Connection (grid capacity is approved)
  2. Building permit is approved (or not required)
  3. All pre-install requirements are complete (varies case-by-case)

Once these criteria are met, your project will be placed in our queue for installation. Installation dates can vary depending on the season, and the demand of the solar market. Our Operations and Quality Assurance teams will work quickly and efficiently to ensure your install is completed within building timeline. Your project coordinator will notify you of tentative dates for both your mechanical and electrical installations.
Please note, the electrical installation date is scheduled after mechanical installation is completed. This may occur much later than the mechanical installation, as it requires multiple parties to be coordinated for one date. As such, this is highly dependent on the schedule of your LDC and the ESA (electrical safety authority) inspector in your area.

Category: Installation