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Building Permits

Generally, eight documents are included in the building permit application:

  1. Application for Permit to Construct or Demolish
  2. Engineer’s Commitment of General Review
  3. Owner’s Authorization Form
  4. Approved Final Layout Design
  5. Wind/Load Report
  6. Truss Layout
  7. Site Plan
  8. Manufacturer Specifications for the solar panels, racking and inverter

Some municipalities require additional documents to submit the building permit. Your project coordinator will inform you should if such documents be required, prior to submitting the application.

The building permit is submitted once the client has approved their final layout design, the engineers have signed off on the project, municipal documents are completed accurately, and reinforcement concerns are addressed.

It can take some time to complete the required municipal mandated documents, and for the structural engineers sign off on the project. Municipalities also have their own internal processes, which can delay the approval of building permits.

A building coordinator will schedule a final site inspection with the appropriate municipality. Once the final site inspection is complete, after installation, and the inspector signs off on the project, the building permit will be closed.

For most projects, building permits are required. A building permit will be prepared and submitted on your behalf by our building department. The only municipalities which do not require building permits are Markham and Ottawa Municipalities (including: Ottawa, Nepean, Goulbourn, Gloucester, and Kanata).