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Below is a list of questions we get most from clients.

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LDC: Local Distribution Company

Connection request: This is an application to your LDC asking to confirm, and reserve grid capacity for your project’s production. After your application is submitted and reaches ‘Pending LDC’ status, your project coordinator will prepare and submit a grid capacity application with your LDC. Some LDCs require the homeowner’s signatures, your project coordinator will notify you if this needed in your case.

Connection agreement: This is a contract between the homeowner, and the LDC. Once grid capacity has been confirmed for your project, your LDC will issue a connection agreement for you to sign. , This will often be accompanied by the final connection and LDC fees associated with for your project. After the connection agreement is submitted with payment, we will contact your LDC to coordinate an electrical installation (connection) date.You may be required to send a void cheque or a direct deposit form to set up payments for your project.

Your LDC or Local Distribution Company, is the utility company which provides hydro  to the project site. Your LDC is also where your project coordinator will apply to reserve grid capacity for your project’s production. In the rare case that grid capacity is not available for your project, Green Lion Eco Group will refund all deposited costs.